Process Control

my-Control is the most advanced bioreactor controller for small scale bioreactors starting at 50 ml (working volume). The system can control bioreactors up to a total volume of 3 L. This versatile controller can be used for both cell culture and microbial cultures.

The advanced software makes it possible to switch from microbial to cell culture configuration in seconds. With its footprint of only 19 by 35 cm (W x D) it uses the minimal amount of bench space, allowing to set up as many as 5 on 1 m width of bench space. The built-in web server allows the my-Control to be operated by any computer with a web browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari or Google Chrome). Wireless devices like iPad, iPhone or Android tablets or phones can also be used to operate a my-Control. The selectable colored band on the unit allows the system to be personalized and to fit your laboratory.

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