Cultivation System

The unique micro-Matrix offers total control over 24 independent bioreactors in a simple microtiter plate footprint. Each of the 24 bioreactors on a plate offer independent controls like its larger stirred-tank relatives:

  • pH (measurement and two-sided control)
  • Temperature (measurement and two-sided control, including plate-wide gradients)
  • Dissolved oxygen control (measurement and two-sided control)
  • Individual liquid additions (including feeding profiles)
  • Up to 4 separate gas additions (individually controlled)

The micro-Matrix is a true scale down of small scale bioreactors. The bioreactor cassette design is based upon the popular SBS-format microtiter plates and seamlessly integrates into lab automation protocols. The square wells maximize mixing and optimize gas transfer. The PC-based human interface of the micro-Matrix offers simple, intuitive interaction with each of the 24 bioreactors. Integrated LEDs indicate the status of the bioreactors with color-based feedback so that operators can take in process information with one quick glance.

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