Duet Pump

Provides flexible flow rate support for all of the FiberCell Systems hollow fiber bioreactor cartridges. Continuous flow is required to provide for nutrition support and constant oxygenation of the culture modules.  The Duet utilizes a unique positive pressure displacement pumping action on the pump tubing of the flow path.   Squeezing of the tubing in conjunction with the two one-way check valves produces a frictionless pumping action. Peristaltic pumps rub on the tubing causing pieces of the tubing to break off and move into circulation where they can cause blockage of the fibers. This frictionless mechanism is the reason that FiberCell Systems modules have supported continuous culture of cells up to 2 years of continuous culture.

Constant flow rate and oxygenation is the key to support of hollow fiber cell culture modules.  The FiberCell Systems Duet Pump system can generate from 1 mL to 140 mL per minute of flow rate depending upon the cartridge used. Silicone tubing is gas permeable and can be used to provide for gas exchange while maintaining the system in a closed, biosafe manner.

The loop of silicone tubing that is part of the cartridge flow path stand provides the gas exchange for the system. The larger cartridges (C2003 and C2018) along with the C5011 contain twice the amount of tubing as the medium sized cartridges and also have a larger pump tubing to provide for increased flow rate increasing the oxygenation capacity of these systems.

Simple in design and execution the FiberCell Systems Duet Pump is designed to fit into a standard CO2 incubator, which provides temperature, and gas control.  There is a thin cord designed to fit through the incubator door that provides low voltage power to the pump and the brushless DC motor ensures that ozone is not generated inside the incubator.  Cartridges are easily removed from the Duet while the motor is running.  Work with the cartridge in the hood and then replace the cartridge into the Duet when you are finished.

The FiberCell Systems Duet Pump comes with a full 2-year warranty.


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